Hello beautiful people!!!             

Let us ask you a question.

How is fitness and health important to you?

Well if your answer is very much important then you came to the right place.

Who are we?

  • Letbfit is a team of fitness enthusiasts or experts who lead a holistic lifestyle.
  • We thoroughly believe in Both modern science and ancient Ayurveda.
  • We provide genuine and unique content about fitness and lifestyle.

What do we do?

fitness lifestyle
  • Letbfit’s goal is to provide right in-depth health, fitness and lifestyle information apart from yoga and workouts for making an appealing and beautifully you.
  • On Letbfit you can expect lesser known health tips, best to worst products in Indian market and lots more.
  • We provide practical advice and give reviews on product after comprehensive research both in modern scientific and ancient way.
  •  Apart from that we give you healthy, mouth-watering, delicious lesser known recipes in order to enhance your fitness lifestyle. 

How do we do product reviews?

  • Unlike others we give reviews based on the ingredient, practical usage and prices of products available in the Indian market.


  • We recommend best products for you and your health for a better version of your health.

How and why we made Letbfit?

  • In this era of fitness and health conscious world we are made fool by many brands and their products to provide a healthy life. But the sad reality is due to unaware of these products we are harming our own health instead of improving it.
  •  So, our team of fitness enthusiasts worked together to provide you the correct knowledge so that you live a long life healthily.